Nick Corkill

I first picked up a camera to document the wonderful places I was visiting while working for the Navy. I totally fell in love with the ocean, and after six and a half years working at sea, I left the Navy and landed a job working on a super yacht for a Russian Oligarch where I spent two years travelling to places that any ‘normal’ person would only dream of. I took some very high profile people diving before moving to Sardinia to run a dive centre. 

A few months later I jumped ship to study underwater filmmaking in Asia. After traveling extensively through Asia documenting marine life and surfing, my passion for ocean photography grew. I moved to Australia to complete my commercial diver course and started work as a construction diver. Whilst working in Sydney, I was employed to oversee the test-dive of a submersible which would attempt to dive to the deepest place on earth in the following months. It turned out to be commissioned by film director James Cameron & National Geographic & I ended up being offered a position on the expedition to the Mariana Trench where the dive would take place, launching and recovering the sub, and assisting the cameramen in the water.

Photography and diving has taken me to some wonderful places and I’m very grateful for every experience. I’m now based between Somerset and Cornwall where I photograph the sea, waves, and the people riding them.

My work has been featured in publications including Carve, The Independent, and ZigZag.

P. +44 7708 372204